This time, the conference is dedicated to those accountable for Compliance in a corporation and specifically Compliance Officers. Those guys set company rules and limits and encourage ethical behavior. However, they must also act as guards, soldiers on the battlefield who identify enemies and deal with them. Is it possible to combine these roles? In movies, this is a task for superheroes. But there are special effects and stage sets to help them. What does a Compliance Officer need to succeed in real life? This will be our topic at ECF 2021 and you are cordially invited.

Panel 1

BLOCK 1: Ethics and governance

Compliance is not complicated, it is comprehensive.

Do you have the tools, measures and skills to show you new ways of working with Compliance and what to focus on?

  • How does Compliance work in Slovakia? And how does it work at your company?
  • How can we identify and address a clash between declared values and company culture?
  • Doing things differently is difficult, isn’t it?
  • Why you might want to break down your Compliance and build it back up from scratch?
  • Why a Compliance compartment needs to become a Compliance department

Discussion Forum (panel discussion)

Panel 2

BLOCK 2: Business Compliance

“Need Some BUY IN” or how to become a superhero

  • How to use data to identify Compliance risks? 
  • Are you pushing a truck uphill?        
  • How can we attract attention when others aren’t listening?      
  • What is the best way to convince others?          
  • Business sketching or how pictures help us.
Panel 3

BLOCK 3: Forensic Compliance

“Unleash the Power”: Are you ready for more difficult situations?

  • Do we expect any changes in Compliance in Slovakia?   
  • We track the development of corporate criminal liability in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.       
  • How to deal with internal fraud?           
  • Investigation methods and tricks.      
  • Application of investigative psychology by a Compliance Officer.     
  • CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) and the ability to identify personality risks.
Panel 4

The following speakers have accepted an invitation to ECF2021: JUDr. Ing. Peter Kovařík (Government Office of the Slovak Republic), Juraj Szabó (NSZ Brno), JUDr. Jaroslav Spišiak (Slovnaft), Mgr. et Mgr. Ondrej Kubík, PhD., Nora Lauková (Famedu), prof. PhDr. Anna Remišová, Ph.D (FM UK), Mgr. Dušan Kučera Ph.D, MBA (VŠE Prague), Lukáš Bakoš (Maxmann Consultants), Ing. Soňa Ondrejková (Rozhýb Business), Jana Bernaťáková, Roman Garaj, Katarína Kovalčíková (MindPower), Ján Baláž (CUBE Studio), Markus Jüttner (E.ON SE), plk. JUDr. Attila Zajonc, PhD. (NAKA PPZ) and others.


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